Delini Malka

About Me

I was born in ColomboSri Lanka ,at the start of full-scale Sri Lankan Civil War between the Tamil militants and the government of Sri Lanka. Growing up during such a tumultuous time gave me a worldly perspective that my fellow high school classmates in Orange County could not entirely comprehend. My family immigrated to California while I was still in grade school as it was the only way I could obtain a decent education. My academic performance allowed me to continue my education at the University of California Los Angeles.  I proudly became a UCLA Bruin and excelled as a history major on a pre-medical track.  While at UCLA I uncovered a deep passion in helping people overcome their difficulties and led me to become an enthusiastic counselor at the UCLA peer help line.

    After working for some time as a medical assistant, I realized that medicine was not the line of work for me. I discovered that I loved science and medicine in theory and application, but not within a medical setting. This was when I found that I could practice law and apply the medical knowledge that I had gained as a pre-medical student as well as a medical assistant. All the pieces of my varied interests fell into place when I entered Chapman law school. It was a very rich experience for me because there I trained my mind to think like an attorney, all the while gaining practical experiences through legal clinics and practical training classes. I learned to negotiate, mediate, counsel and argue in a courtroom, all before I even received my law degree. During my time at Chapman, I was proud to be an active HIV testing and prevention counselor at the Laguna beach community clinic. It was a very life affirming experience, and one that taught me an amazing amount about both people and how to help them realize their goals and address their concerns. 
    I graduated Chapman Law School on May 2012 and was admitted to the State Bar of California on December 2012. I gained a breadth of experience from working in multiple clinics during law school, including my practice as a California state certified medical assistant and later as a clerk and associate attorney in the field of workers’ compensation. These experiences have provided me with a strong foundation of the skills required to be an effective attorney working in a fast paced environment, and particularly useful for a firm specializing in workers’ compensation. 
    I interned at Chapman law school’s family violence center, in association with the Anaheim Justice Center, working under my adviser Wendy Seiden. There I developed a passion for educating the victims of domestic violence on the laws of family violence. I independently developed a recurring (and still ongoing) workshop for the Anaheim Justice Center, which was open to anyone who had filed a restraining order, or who just had any general questions about that process. I consider this workshop my most valuable contribution and legacy to the clinic. I developed an accurate and informative, and highly praised workshop for victims of domestic violence. This workshop is now a major component of the work done at the family violence clinic.
    While working for the Alona Cortese Elder law Clinic under Kurt EggertI received the top grade in my class for this clinic. At the clinic I drafted wills and conservatorships and appeared in court. However, my most memorable experience at the clinic (with my co counseling law student) was obtaining a restraining order against a family member who was abusing her elderly mother. This experience was described in detail by my co-counselor, Frank Mickadeit in an article in the OC Register. During one of our many interviews with our client, she disclosed to us information about her childhood that she had not even told her own children. It was at that moment that I realized the power of the attorney-client relationship and the trust a client places on her attorney.
    I have previously worked as a medical assistant at Kaiser Permanente in Irvine (June 2009 – Feb 2010), and have a strong interest in the medical aspects of legal representation. My knowledge and familiarity with medical terms will be helpful in elder law, and medical malpractice defense. I have worked as a law clerk and subsequently as an associate attorney in plaintiff workers compensation law at the offices of Lawrence R. Whiting. There I have reviewed extensive medical reports, performed and observed plaintiff and medical depositions, I am familiar with the terms and information in medical labs and doctor's reports as well as and having a thorough understanding of how they are interpreted in a legal perspective. In that position I have had 3 years of experience in performing rigorous research into in-depth medical issues for my clients, as well as becoming versed in client intake. 
    When I was hired on as an attorney, I was immediately given dozens files that I followed through to their resolution. It was through this trail by fire that I truly began feeling as a professional attorney. This was also the period when I developed the skill of ensuring that none of this high volume of cases “fall through the cracks”. In addition to the experience I gained in legal research and depositions, I was handling attorney over 60 hearings, negotiations, meditations, and motions. I believe my experience, training and skills coupled with my intense interest in the field of workers’ compensation, make me an ideal candidate for an associate attorney position. My past clinical experience has given me extensive client contact, court time, and stellar research skills.
    Since October 2013 I have been proudly working as an associate attorney at the law offices of Samulesen, Gonzalez, Valenzuela and Brown, one of the largest workers compensation law firms in California. 


  • Chapman University School of Law, J.D., May 2012
  • Elder Law Clinic, CALI Award
  • University of California, Los Angeles, B.A in History, June 2006



  • Gathering medical evidence and medical records.
  • Taking depositions of the claimant, physicians, medical experts and other parties.
  • Conducting discovery.
  • Performing legal research.
  • Remaining current with developments in the law.
  • Drafting pleadings, findings of fact, motions, briefs, opinions and other legal documents.
  • Litigating cases before a workers' compensation judge or referee.

ATTORNEY, Law Offices of Lawrence R. Whiting, December 2012-April 2013

    • Case management: maintained a high volume of workers' compensation claims and files.
    • Once the claim is filed for an injured worker, determined whether the worker was injured at work and whether the claim is compensable  and reported to superior.
    • Coordinated care of injured workers.
    • Negotiation: negotiated settlements with insurance companies.
    • Trial: represented injured worker at administrative trials on cases that did not settle.

LAW CLERK, LawOffices of Lawrence R. Whiting, June 2010-November 2012

    • Case management: maintained a high volume of workers' compensation claims and files.
    • Conducted research, prepared pleadings, client intakes

CERTIFIED STUDENT ATTORNEY,  Bette and Wylie Aitken Family Violence Clinic, August 2011-May 2012

    • Client counseling and interviews, fact investigation, legal research, writing legal arguments, submitting applications for domestic violence-related protection orders and court appearances.
    •  Worked in conjunction with the Anaheim Justice Center to develop a Pro Per Protective educational workshop to assist victims of domestic violence who have recently filed Temporary Restraining Orders. Presented the workshop multiple times to the public and volunteers at the center.

CERTIFIED STUDENT ATTORNEY,  The Alona Cortese Elder Law Center, January 2012-May 2012

    • Client counseling and interviews, fact investigation, legal research, writing legal arguments, submitting applications for conservatorships.
    •  Drafted wills and advance health care directives.
    • Represented clients at administrative hearings regarding conservatorships. 
    • Appeared at trial to obtain protective orders in order to prevent elder abuse


Laguna Beach Community ClinicHIV Counselor

  • Administered 20-minute HIV tests and provided post test counseling.
  • Upheld the code of confidentiality relative to the clients and the testing program.
  •  Conducted risk assessments at pre-test counseling sessions with client and collected demographic 
information for statistical purposes.